What is New in WCF 4.5?

In the .NET Framework 4.5 Developer Preview, the following features have been added to make it simpler to write Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) applications:

1- Simplification of generated configuration files.
2- Support for contract-first development.
3- Ability to configure ASP.NET compatibility mode more easily.
4- Changes in default transport property values to reduce the likelihood that you will have to set them.
5- Updates to the XmlDictionaryReaderQuotas class to reduce the likelihood that you will have to manually configure quotas for XML dictionary readers.
6- Validation of WCF configuration files by Visual Studio as part of the build process, so you can detect configuration errors before you run your application.
7- New asynchronous streaming support.
8- New HTTPS protocol mapping to make it easier to expose an endpoint over HTTPS with Internet Information Services (IIS).
9- Ability to generate metadata in a single WSDL document by appending ?singleWSDL to the service URL.
10- Websockets support to enable true bidirectional communication over ports 80 and 443 with performance characteristics similar to the TCP transport.
11- Support for configuring services in code.
12- XML Editor tooltips.
13- ChannelFactory caching support.
14- Binary encoder compression support.

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