Kevin Harmer on SharePoint in Tech.Days 2011

On November 16, 2011, Kevin Harmer presented in Tech.Days 2011 how business users can be empowered to create self-service analytic BI applications by harnessing the power of SharePoint.

Microsoft BI Intelligence

1- SharePoint 2010 provides a powerful suite of BI tools that enable self-service BI by power users and analysts.

2- Each SharePoint 2010 BI tool has unique advantages that align to specific performance management use cases, empowering analysts to leverage the right tool for a given corporate BI goal.

– Chart/ Status List Web Parts – quick web part analysis
– Excel Services – corporate analytic
– PowerPivot Services – self-service data integration
– PerformancePoint Services – enterprise scorecards /dashboards
– Visio Services – graphical analysis
– Reporting Services – enterprise reporting

3- Microsoft BI tools are accessible, integrated, robust, and support your organizations data-sources.

4- Fully leverage your existing Microsoft software investment by practicing Microsoft BI.

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