Stephen Cawood on SharePoint in Tech.Days 2011

On November 16, 2011, Stephan Cawood presented in Tech.Days 2011 the performance of file share migrations and BLOB offloading with EBS, and RBS.











File Share Options in SharePoint

Option 1. You can use the out of the box features of SharePoint to upload files
Option 2. You can ‘index’ your content in SharePoint but keep the files on other storage
Option 3. You can use a migration solution to transfer your files with all the associated metadata

SharePoint BLOB Remoting Techniques

A. SharePoint EBS
1- The EBS technique is deprecated in SharePoint 2010, but it is still supported.
2- It is based on Legacy COM architecture. The COM interface is complicated.
3- It does not have orphaned BLOB garbage collection.

1- The RBS techniques is only supported in SharePint 2010.
2- It is based on .NET COM architecture. The .NET interface is well documented.
3- It supports orphaned BLOB garbage collection.

The RBS technique can be used with either of option 2 or option 3.

C. Stubs or HTML Redirects
1- It involves writing to the SharePoint database directly that is not supported.
2- HTML Redirects are not compatible with SharePoint OM use.

Backup and Restore Times for 100 GB Database

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