Adobe Illustrator to XAML Export




What is the XAMLExport plug-in?

If you use Adobe Illustrator and would like to get your artwork into a WPF or Silverlight application using XAML, you need to use XAMLExport plug-in which works with both the PC and the Mac.
While the plug-in is capable of exporting very complex illustrations, in practice, it is mostly used to convert individual icons or user interface elements. Once assets have been exported from Illustrator, they can be used in a tool like Expression Blend to build a finished application.
The PC version of the plug-in requires Adobe Illustrator CS, CS2, CS3, or CS4. Once you have a compatible version of Illustrator installed:
Download from the following link: XAML Export  then Copy XAMLExport.aip from the zip file to your Illustrator plug-in folder. For a default installation of Adobe Illustrator CS4, this should be something like C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS4\Plug-ins.
The next time you start Illustrator, you should be able to pull down the File menu, select Export…, and see both XAML for Silverlight (*.XAML) and XAML for WPF (*.XAML) as available selections under Save as type. There are no other options to configure or runtimes to install.

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