Diagnostics Logging for Azure Logic App

For richer debugging with runtime details and events, you can set up diagnostics logging with Azure Log Analytics. Log Analytics is a service in Azure that monitors your cloud and on-premises environments to help you maintain their availability and performance.

1-In the Azure portal, find and select your logic app.

2- On the logic app blade menu, under Monitoring, choose Diagnostics > Diagnostic Settings.

3- Under Diagnostics settings, choose On.

4- Now select the Log Analytics workspace and event category for logging as shown:

  • Select Send to Log Analytics.
  • Under Log Analytics, choose Configure.
  • Under OMS Workspaces, select the Log Analytics workspace to use for logging.
  • Under Log, select the WorkflowRuntime category.
  • Choose the metric interval.
  • When you’re done, choose Save.


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