Monitor Azure Logic Apps

After you create and run a logic app, you can check its runs history, trigger history, status, and performance. For real-time event monitoring and richer debugging, set up diagnostics logging for your logic app. That way, you can find and view events, like trigger events, run events, and action events. To get notifications about failures or other possible problems, set up alerts. For example, you can create an alert that detects “when more than five runs fail in an hour.” You can also set up monitoring, tracking, and logging programmatically by using Azure Diagnostics event settings and properties.

1- To find your logic app in the Azure portal, on the main Azure menu, choose All services. In the search box, type “logic apps”, and choose Logic apps.

2- Select your logic app, then choose Overview.

  • Runs history shows all the runs for your logic app.
  • Trigger History shows all the trigger activity for your logic app

3- To view the steps from a specific run, under Runs history, select that run.

4- To get more details about the run, choose Run Details. This information summarizes the steps, status, inputs, and outputs for the run.

5- To get details about a specific step, choose that step. You can now review details like inputs, outputs, and any errors that happened for that step.

6- To get details about a specific trigger event, go back to the Overview pane. Under Trigger history, select the trigger event. You can now review details like inputs and outputs.

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