Azure Database Security Best Practices

Security is a top concern when managing databases, and it has always been a priority for Azure SQL Database. Your databases can be tightly secured to help satisfy most regulatory or security requirements, including HIPAA, ISO 27001/27002, and PCI DSS Level 1, among others. A current list of security compliance certifications is available at the Microsoft Trust Center site. You also can choose to place your databases in specific Azure datacenters based on regulatory requirements.

In this article, we will discuss a collection of Azure database security best practices. These best practices are derived from our experience with Azure database security and the experiences of customers like yourself.


Azure database security best practices are:

  • Use firewall rules to restrict database access
  • Enable database authentication
  • Protect your data using encryption
  • Protect data in transit
  • Enable database auditing
  • Enable database threat detection

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