Load Test with the Azure

Check your web app’s performance before you launch it or deploy updates to production. That way, you can better assess whether your app is ready for release. Feel more confident that your app can handle the traffic during peak use or at your next marketing push. You’ll need a Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) account to keep your performance test history. A suitable account will be created automatically when you set up your performance test. Or you can create a new account or use an existing account if you’re the account owner. Deploy your app for testing in a non-production environment. Have your app use an App Service plan other than the plan used in production. That way, you don’t affect any existing customers or slow down your app in production.

Set up and run your performance test
1- Sign in to the Azure Portal. To use a VSTS account that you own, sign in as the account owner.

2- Go to your web app.

3- In the DEVELOPMENT TOOLS section choose Performance test.

4- Now you’ll link a VSTS account to keep your performance test history. Choose Set Account.

5- If you have a VSTS account to use, select that account. If you don’t, create a new account.

6- Choose + New to create a new performance test.

7- Set the details and run the test. Your web app’s default URL is added automatically. You can change the URL to test other pages (HTTP GET requests only). To simulate local conditions and reduce latency, select a location closest to your users for generating load.

You simulate load on your app by generating virtual users (customers) who visit your web site at the same time. This will show how many requests are failing or responding slowly.


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