Azure App Service

The Azure Mobile Services suite which offers push notification capability, authentication, and data storage was discontinued in December 2016. Microsoft moved sites from Mobile Services to the Azure App Service, which offers similar functionality.

There was an overlap between App Service and Mobile Services which was introduced in 2012. In the mobile backend world, Azure Mobile Services has faced competition from the Cognito service offered by public cloud market leader Amazon Web Services. Google Cloud Platform has Cloud Endpoints and Firebase. Facebook is in the process of shutting down its Parse mobile backend.

Please note that your existing Mobile Service is safe and will remain supported. However, there are advantages that the Azure App Service platform provides for your mobile app that are not available with Mobile Services:

  • Simpler, easier, and more cost effective offering for apps that include both web and mobile clients
  • New host features including Web Jobs, custom CNames, better monitoring
  • Integration with Traffic Manager
  • Connectivity to your on-premises resources and VPNs using VNet in addition to Hybrid Connections
  • Monitoring, alerting and troubleshooting for your app using AppInsights
  • Richer spectrum of the underlying compute resources and pricing
  • Built-in auto scale, load balancing, and performance monitoring.
  • Built-in staging, backup, roll-back, and testing-in-production capabilities



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