Azure Scheduler versus Quartz Scheduler

Let’s dig deeper on Quarts Scheduler to learn why it should not be used in Azure for scheduling jobs.

Adding the quartz library to your app does not begin to ready your application to schedule jobs. You have to write your implementation of the job interface, then you have to construct large xml configuration files or add code to your application to build new instances of JobDetails and then schedule them using Schedule instance from a ScheduleFactory. What happens when you need to make a change to a job’s schedule? Temporarily disable a job? Change the parameters bound to a job? All these require a build/test/deploy cycle which is impractical for any organization.

Quartz does not meet the following enterprise scheduler requirements:

  • No out of the box support for multiple execution nodes 
  • No administration UI 
  • No monitoring
  • No alerts
  • No strong mechanisms for dealing with errors/failures and recovery

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