Azure and AMPQ

What is AMQP ?

Traditionally, message-oriented middleware products have used proprietary protocols for communication between client applications and brokers. Connecting messaging brokers from different vendors is tricky. This typically requires application-level bridging to move messages from one system to another and to translate between their proprietary message formats. This is a common requirement; for example, when you must provide a new unified interface to older disparate systems, or integrate IT systems following a merger.

The main goal of developing the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) was to create an open-standard messaging protocol that made it possible to build message-based applications using components built using different languages, frameworks, and operating systems, all using best-of-breed components from a range of suppliers.

Both the Azure Service Bus cloud service and on-premises Service Bus for Windows Server (Service Bus 1.1) support the AMPQ. This protocol enables you to build cross-platform, hybrid applications. You can construct applications using components that are built using different languages and frameworks, and that run on different operating systems. All these components can connect to Service Bus and seamlessly exchange structured business messages efficiently and at full fidelity.

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