Comparing Azure Container Service, Azure Service Fabric and Azure Functions

Azure Container Service: If you are looking to deploy your application in Linux environment and are comfortable with an orchestrator such as Swarm, Kubernetes or DC/OS, use ACS. A typical 3 tier application (such as a web front end, a caching layer, a API layer and a database layer) can be easily containerized with 1 single dockerfile (or docker-compose file). It can be continuously decomposed into smallerservices gradually. This approach provides an immediate benefit of portability of such an application. Containers is Open technology and there is great community support around containers.

Azure Service Fabric: If an application must have its state saved locally, then use Service Fabric. It is also a good choice if you are looking to deploy application in Windows server ecosystem(Linux support is in the works as well). 

Azure Functions: If an application needs an HTTP endpoint for a potentially long running  process without getting into a elaborate programming model, Azure Functions is a good option. They can be developed as an extension of an existing application. They support routing based endpoints similar to an API. They support AAD and other authentication, SSL, Custom Domain, RBAC, etc. They have a good CI/CD support as well. They are in the process of integrating .Net Core support. So if you are looking to get a simple application model and don’t want to get into setting up/managing underlying infrastructure, Azure Functions is good choice.

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