Antimalware for Azure Cloud Services

The modern threat landscape for cloud environments is extremely dynamic, the solution is built on the same anti-malware platform as Microsoft Anti-malware for Azure. It is a single-agent solution for applications and tenant environments, designed to run in the background without human intervention. You can deploy protection based on the needs of your application workloads, with either basic secure-by-default or advanced custom configuration, including anti-malware monitoring.

When you deploy and enable Microsoft Antimalware for Azure for your applications, the following core features are available:

  • Real-time protectio
  • Scheduled scanning
  • Malware remediation 
  • Signature updates 
  • Anti-malware Engine updates 
  • Anti-malware Platform updates 
  • Active protection 
  • Samples reporting 
  • Exclusions 
  • Anti-malware event collection 

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