Logging and Auditing in Azure

Types of Logs in Azure

Cloud applications are complex with many moving parts. Logs provide data to ensure that your application stays up and running in a healthy state. It also helps you to stave off potential problems or troubleshoot past ones. In addition, you can use logging data to gain deep insights about your application. That knowledge can help you to improve application performance or maintainability, or automate actions that would otherwise require manual intervention.

Azure produces extensive logging for every Azure service. These logs are categorized by these main types:

Control/management logs give visibility into the Azure Resource Manager CREATE, UPDATE, and DELETE operations. Azure Activity Logs is an example of this type of log.

Data plane logs give visibility into the events raised as part of the usage of an Azure resource. Examples of this type of log are the Windows event System, Security, and Application logs in a virtual machine and the Diagnostics Logs configured through Azure Monitor

Processed events give information about analyzed events/alerts that have been processed on your behalf. Examples of this type are Azure Security Center Alerts where Azure Security Center has processed and analyzed your subscription and provides concise security alerts.

Activity Log

The Azure Activity Log, provides insight into the operations that were performed on resources in your subscription. The Activity Log was previously known as “Audit Logs” or “Operational Logs,” since it reports control-plane events for your subscriptions. Using the Activity Log, you can determine the “what, who, and when” for any write operations (PUT, POST, DELETE) taken on the resources in your subscription. You can also understand the status of the operation and other relevant properties. The Activity Log does not include read (GET) operations.

Here PUT, POST, DELETE refers to all the write operations activity log contains on the resources. For example, you can use the activity logs to find an error when troubleshooting or to monitor how a user in your organization modified a resource.

Azure Diagnostic Logs

Azure Diagnostic Logs are emitted by a resource that provide rich, frequent data about the operation of that resource. The content of these logs varies by resource type (for example, Windows event system logsare one category of Diagnostic Log for VMs and blob, table, and queue logs are categories of Diagnostic Logs for storage accounts) and differ from the Activity Log, which provides insight into the operations that were performed on resources in your subscription.

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