Advantages of API Management in Azure

Protect your assets

With API Management, you can protect your enterprises’ APIs by providing security solutions including SSL, API authentication, API Keys management and other runtime policies such as API quota and rate limit.

Monitor and analyze

Get thorough insight in the performance, health and quality of your APIs. API Management provides an in-depth look into your APIs trough a diverse set of metrics about the API usage. You will be able to discover the trends that are most impacting your business.

Embrace the API economy

Exposes business assets and services to unlock additional business and generate new revenue and opportunities. API Management allows enterprises to successfully share core services across the organization and across boundaries. The lightweight virtualization layer of Azure API Management enables modern and restful APIs to integrate data and resources with today’s mobile devices, without any security sacrifice.

Drive API adoption

Provides comprehensive documentation to drive API adoption and reduce the learning curve of performing the API intake in the first place. The developer portal helps developers to easy understand and promote the use of the API and prevent misuse.


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