Performance of JavaScript Frameworks


Size (minified, not gzipped)

React+Redux — 156k or 167k with plugins
Angular 1 – 158k minimum, 240k with router, HTTP and animation system
Polymer — 222k minimum, 302k (spec compliant)
Aurelia — 252k minimum, 302k with standard plugin
Ember — 435k including router
Angular 2 — 698k minimum, 919k with RxJS, 1023k with RxJS and router and HTTP client

(Not that Redux is in any way large, but it is unfair to add Redux to the file size for React only. Redux happens to be more commonly used by React users, but it is an optional extra regardless of which framework you choose.)

Rob mentions that the Angular team are using tree shaking to reduce the file size.

Latest Performance Developments 

The dbmon tool to measure the performance was popularised by Ryan Florence from Facebook in his talk at Conf 2015 showing React was faster than Angular 1 and much faster than Ember back in 2015.

The dbmon test has recently been updated with adjustable mutations percentage. This is the latest performance results using this tool:

React — 52 to 54fps
Angular — 45 to 46fps
Angular 2– 49 to 52fps

Only naive implementations for Polymer and Ember are currently available
Polymer 1.8 — 44–46 fps
Polymer 2.0 –37 to 40 fps
Ember — 44–46 fps

Some other selected framework/technology results:
Vue — 51–53 fps
Vue 2–41 to 44fps
Elm — 51 to 53fps
Inferno — 54 to 56fps
Vanilla JS varies from 50 to 72 fps


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