Reading Gmail Atom Feed in C#




What is the Atom?

Atom is a system which makes it easy for you to receive, in one place, regular updates from news websites, blogs, and/or Gmail. You can use Atom with an aggregator (also known as a newsreader, feed reader, or RSS/Atom reader) to receive new message alerts. Note: This feed is only available for Gmail accounts on Google Apps domains.
To use Gmail with Atom, you must already have an aggregator. Then enter in the URL field, and enter your Gmail address and password in the fields provided. This will allow the aggregator to look for your new messages.
If you’d like to have a label view in your aggregator, just add the label name to the end of the feed URL. So, to view your ‘work’ label as a feed, it’s
Please keep in mind that Gmail messages will appear in your aggregator only if there are unread messages in your inbox.

The following code shows how to authenticate the Gmail account and how to read/save the atom feed of that account:

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