DevExpress announced at the BUILD Windows Conference in Anaheim┬áthat its award-winning IDE Productivity and Refactoring Toolset “CodeRush” now supports Visual Studio 11. CodeRush helps developers create and maintain source code with extreme efficiency. Consume-first declaration, powerful templates, smart selection tools, intelligent code analysis, innovative navigation and an unrivalled collection of refactorings all work together to dramatically increase developer productivity.

1. Color Swatches in the Code
See the actual color of color references in the code. Change the color using CodeRush’s first class color picker. C#, VB, XAML, HTML and CSS are supported. 2. Preview Hinting
Preview Hinting shows that code that’s going to change so you can see the impact of a refactoring before you apply it.
3. Test Result Icons
CodeRush places test result icons next to each test method, so you can not only see the results of the last test run, but also quickly run the test after making changes.
4. Code Issues
CodeRush shows errors, warnings, hints, code smells, and duplicate code while you work. Fixes for many issues are a single click or keystroke away.
5. Duplicate Detection and Consolidation
Easily see duplicate code throughout your solution while you work. Increase the quality of your source code by consolidating duplicates into a single location.
6. Multi-Select
Select what you need from multiple locations and copy or cut that to the Clipboard.
7. Warp Speed
Navigate to the symbol, class or file you want with the fewest keystrokes. Efficiency is everywhere in CodeRush.

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