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HTML 5 (HTML+CSS+JS) brings lots of benefits to your web development teams. Each web development consists of at least two groups: Web developers and web designers. Web developers need to know HTML5. They need to know JavaScript and they need to know CSS. Also, web designers need to know mark-up. They need to know HTML5. They need to be able to write CSS and understand web layout and they need to have at least a decent grasp of what JavaScript does and how JavaScript works. Both of these groups need useful training materials, tutorials, samples and demos. This post is introducing 4 main resources to help these groups to learn how or when to use or adopt HTML 5 in their web pages.

Resource 1: HTML 5 Doctor

HTML 5 doctor is a great resource for learning HTML 5. In this website, you see articles relating to HTML5, its semantics, and how to use it right now.
In the “Article Archive” section, a complete list of all HTML 5 related posts grouped accordingly in order to get you started or to help you understand the specification and specific elements a little more.

Resource 2: HTML 5 Cheat Sheet

HTML 5 cheat sheet is a PDF document which includes a list of all currently supported tags, their descriptions, their attributes and their support in HTML 4. ( HTML 5 Cheat Sheet )

Resource 3: HTML 5 Demos

HTML 5 demos is a great selection of HTML 5 demos. Some of the cool demos from this site are listed below:

1- Interactive canvas gradients ( )
2- Geolocation ( )
3- Drag and drop ( )

Resource 4: HTML 5 Rocks  

HTML 5 rocks contains various samples and demo code. Some of the cool demos from this site are listed below:

1- Video cube ( )
2- Page flip ( )
3- WebGL Globe ( )

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