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The Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) covers a set of features that lets you retrieve information from a data source. In many cases, data is stored in a database that is separate from the application. Traditionally, interacting with a relational database would involve generating queries using SQL. Other sources of data, such as XML, would require their own approaches that were completely different. However, LINQ gives C# the ability to generate queries for any LINQ-compatible data source. Furthermore, the syntax used for the query is the same, no matter what data source is used.

The following links are useful to learn the LINQ programing model:

1-      LINQ Official Website

2-      LINQ to Everything by Charlie Calvert

3-      Joining LINQ to SQL and LINQ to Excel by Eric White

4-      Building a LINQ Provider by Pedram Rezaei

5-      Dynamic LINQ by Scott Guthrie

6-      101 LINQ Samples

7-      LINQ to Facebook

From C# Learners

8-      LINQ


9-      LINQ

10-   LINQ Samples and Walkthroughs

From Code Project

11-    LINQ

12-    LINQ FAQ

From C# Corners

13-   LINQ to Objects

From CodePlex

14-   LINQ to SharePoint

15-   LINQ to Twitter

16-   LINQ to LDAP

17-   LINQ to CRM

18-   LINQ to Google

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